Welcome to the ADEA Curriculum Resource Center

In continuing its mission to lead individuals and institutions of the dental education community to address contemporary issues influencing education, research, and the delivery of oral health care, ADEA is pleased to offer another resource to faculty and students in allied, predoctoral, and postdoctoral dental education programs.

The ADEA Curriculum Resource Center (ADEA CRC) will provide the best educational resources in a flexible, reproducible, and scalable format that accommodates the changing needs and technology use of faculty and students.

Student (To Be Developed)

The Student Section will be interactive and intended for use by dental, dental hygiene, and dental assisting students. This section will be designed for both self-study and a faculty assignment and measurement aid. You will be required to register to access this section, and you will need the assignment ID provided by your faculty/mentor to receive credit for completion of the module.


The Faculty Section has been designed as a comprehensive resource for academicians. It provides free access to multimedia material designed to augment the development of course syllabi and content. You must be logged in to access all the offerings in this section.