Overview of the ADEA Curriculum Resource Center (ADEA CRC) Components

The following is an overview of the ADEA CRC. Click on any of the sections below to navigate to that information.

Curriculum Guides

Designed to be used in the development of course syllabi and content. They provide the basis for creating an understanding of current science and best practices in a variety of settings and courses and are easily adaptable to numerous educational environments.

Course Assignments

A Faculty member can select an educational module, create a unique assignment ID , distribute the assignment ID to his or her students, manage their assignment list, and review completed assignments and test scores.

Image Gallery

A comprehensive collection of clinical images, tables, graphs, PowerPoint slides, and PDFs arranged in user-friendly categories for use in lectures and handouts.


An online library of references that can be sorted by curriculum module, author, keyword, and title. It also contains a complete glossary of dental terms and internet resources.

Case Studies

Practical clinical case presentations that consist of patient documentation, medical history, radiographs, and intraoral photographs, to be reviewed and discussed by faculty and students.

Student Handouts

PDFs of pertinent materials that augment course content and are easily adaptable to assignments.

Advisory Board

Each curriculum guide is developed under the tutelage of an esteemed group of individuals selected for their expertise and willingness to share their knowledge for the betterment of dentistry.